Saturday, January 15, 2011

Babies on the Floor

I love babies! I love the way they smell right after a bath, sweet and fresh. I love the way they feel soft and squishy. I love the way they look intently, studying every face for information. I love they way they sound when they laugh and coo to talk. I am lucky to have babies in my life.
                                 "Hey, she's my cousin, visiting for Christmas."
                            "Do you think there's anything in here worth playing with?"
                            "She likes my favorite giraffe squeaky toy!"
                     "Have we known each other long enough to hold hands?"
                  "She is our Grandma. Don't mess with her."
                   "Why don't all the grown-ups get on the floor?"
                     "I am ticklish in all the right places, ohhh........."
"Being a Burgess is just grrrrrreat!!!!!!"

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  1. What sweet babies you have in your life! Lucky you!


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