Saturday, January 8, 2011

Book of the Month? Flower of the Month? Painting of the Month!!!

  We belong to Karen Dale's Painting of the Month Club. Well, actually, we may be the only members of Karen Dale's Painting of the Month Club. But she is open to adding new members. Today we take back this beloved "Three Pears" and trade it for new eye candy. I wonder what it will be?

The Three Pears have been with us for months because I love the colors and the number three and because Mark thinks it is Karen's best work. Karen paints with oils in a variety of styles. She can do detailed still life and misty impressionistic gardens. It is a joy to ask her about her work because she will discuss her
ideas, her choice of colors, her brush work, anything you have questions about.

                       Gardening is also a passion for Karen. You can read her blog in the Beachcomber.
     There is something so calming about sitting on the floor and looking up to see a beautiful image.
Thank-you Karen and we will see you soon.

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