Saturday, January 1, 2011

A new year and some new projects to make this year a little different. Blogging could help to bring together some of my thoughts and desires. My blog title "Back on the Floor Again" comes from several observations in my life. The first being that I often have to rethink my view of life, of people, of myself and what motivates me. Therefore, I feel I am back to the beginning or back to level one. The floor is not such a bad place. It is cooler down there and as we know hot air rises. There is also less chance of falling since you are already grounded. I have been doing Yoga for the last five years. The main reason being that my Music and Movement Classes which I teach require that I get off the floor before the toddlers do. I realized that the floor is a precarious place when your joints are stiff so I started Yoga here on my Island. It has been a blessing and I fully appreciate the floor even more. So, Happy New Year and hopefully I will log in often to give my view from down here.

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  1. You are too funny! I miss being on the floor doing yoga with you on Monday's. Though it's getting much harder for me to get down on the floor, and up from the floor now that I'm almost 38 weeks pregnant!


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