Monday, January 24, 2011

Spring Coming Through the Ground

 I wandered around my yard during the sunbreak Saturday and I saw spring popping through the ground.
This bush has white flowers in early spring, later they hide beneath my bigger bush. Sometimes I miss them because they come so early and have a short life.
I hope the slugs don't finish feasting on this bevy of blue. I love how they come back every year. Granted they don't look like they are just out of the greenhouse but they give their best. I wish I had weeded around them when the sun was out. But I didn't because I was reading.
Munch, munch munch I hear the ooozse of the slugs, taking apart what bounty Spring is bringing forth.
Norbert, my garden gnome should be digging up those intruders and ridding my garden of all unsightly creatures. He must be on break. I hope I didn't get a gnome like me.

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