Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blogging Through All of January

Hurray! I have followed through on my New Year's resolution to write a blog every day in January.
I did not know on January 1st if I had enough to say to meet this goal but to my surprise I have not run out of ideas, yet. What have I learned from this venture? Life is good. I like my family, my job, and my hobbies, one of which is blogging. I like where I live and the interesting people I meet everyday. I am of good cheer.

I feel like the support I get from family and friends is the hot air which helps me to pop to the top.

 There is however, the opposition, always hovering just at the edges of my conscious. Not all of us have jobs which are secure, not all of us enjoy good health, not all of us feel secure at the end of the day.
I certainly am tempted to stay awake worrying about all the details which are not just right in my family nest. We all get pushed to the edge of our abilities and I often shrink back and say "Too scary. I can't cope with that." But on the other hand............

Paraphrasing Jeffery R. Holland, "One of the commandments the Savior Jesus Christ gave us which we routinely  break is the commandment to be of good cheer." His wife, Patricia Holland said, "Difficulties are not bad, they are just difficult."
Jesus did not overcome the world to leave us in free fall. He has cast a net. It is his robe, his robe of righteousness.

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