Friday, February 18, 2011

A Transition Song

Take a breath, through your nose,
Let is out down to your toes.
Then just float in your body boat,
Take a breath.
When it comes to having a tune up your sleeve to smooth the transitions your toddler is expected to make in his day, there is one that is a gem. Take a breath, for goodness sake. She is playing with her dad and they are rough housing on the floor, then the joy turns to unpleasantness and she starts to scream, what do you do? Take a breath.
Music is more powerful than words because it eludes the filter of the right side of the brain and is felt before it is understood. So, put your words into a song and communicate faster. In Swingset Music and Movement classes we use the song "Take a Breath" after our large motor activity when everyone is fired up and we need a smooth transition to quiet activity. It works well for us in class so try it at home.

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