Thursday, February 24, 2011

Winter Is Still Here

"When I woke up this morning
Snow was on my mind, yeh.
Snow was on my mind.
I saw white, whoa,
I saw ice, whoa,
I went back inside....."
Really now, mother nature, you are outdoing yourself giving us variety.
Here is my early Roddy bush 2 days ago, and this is what it looks like today.

Hang on sweet blossoms, the temp will be back to 45 degrees by Sunday.
I still have evidence of the recent winds in my front yard. A branch from a pine tree came hurtling through the air and impaled itself in my front yard. I thought the branch was entangled with the branches from the tree above. After yanking over and over again I saw to my horror that nothing was holding this branch from above, it was planted a foot into the ground.
I am glad that it did not come through my front window. 

    I was so proud of myself this week because both Monday and Tuesday I went into the garden to do clean-up and pruning. The sun was shining and I found several leafy greens coming back for a new start.

Hello, swiss chard, I shall plan on eating you in a couple of weeks, unless, winter comes through again.
Well, I shall keep the fire going today and enjoy the few days I have left of winter break. I have been without students this week and I have enjoyed happiness in other forms.

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