Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Luck of the Irish

Happy St. Patrick's Day! When I think of this day I think of my friend Gail. She is the only true Irish in my life.  By the way, everyone should have a friend named Gail. Everyone who is anyone has a friend named Gail. 
This beauty and I have had a few lucky turns together. She puts up with the truly obnoxious me; loyal and true, through and through. Why, just yesterday I sent her an e-mail hinting that she may have lost some pieces of a puzzle she lent me.
How can she have lost this many pieces? I did check my floor to make sure I was not the culprit. Well, truth be told, as I was gazing upon this puzzle with all the pieces in, the ones I had left, I  had saw a curious pattern. 
What if I shifted all the pieces over towards each other?
You guessed it! It fit together perfectly. Lesson: Never accuse your friend of wrong doing until you have looked at all sides of the issue.
Happy Green Day!

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