Tuesday, May 17, 2011

German Bakery and More

On my last trip to Germany I was interested in the habit all of my hosts had of stopping by a bakery every morning for fresh bread. So Monday morning I got up and walked down into town. The road is down and up as the town sits on little hills. It was early morning and most shops were closed.

 The streets were cobblestone and often uneven; I watched my steps. Ah hah, there it was. The cases displayed an array of pastries and loaves of bread.

There were many pastries made with poppy seeds so I got one of those. Then the fresh fruit pastries showed signs of cream filling and to my surprise, marzipan. I got two of those. I had to get some croissants, just to test the flakiness. Finally, a decision whether to buy a loaf of bread or some rolls. The rolls offered a chance to try many different kinds, and I got six of those. Not all for me, of course, I had three adults and two wee ones to share my cache.
This is the view from my bedroom window. You can see the base housing across the hill. This morning promises a clear day with lots of sunshine.
Last night I put Ollie in the stroller and we went through the little quaint neighborhood to the south. These houses border the wooded hills around the town.

 I walked until I hit the open fields. There is a paved hiking trail into the woods. We heard the birds singing their evening songs and I pointed out the murmuring brook sounds although we couldn't see the water. I simply must go again with the rest of the family because this trail into the countryside is lovely.
I am off to start the day and you are all just going to bed. Goodnight!

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