Friday, May 13, 2011

The Splutterbucket

The Splutterbucket is way cute. He is the older brother to the baby. At 20 months he has alot to say and some is intelligible.
He tolerated this photo shoot because he was sitting behind his wheels. We went on a walk alone today and played on the swing. 
I am so grateful to my daughter and my three daughters-in-law who are mothers in the trenches. It is exhausting to be a young mother. Each of these women in my life, mother in a different way, but each of them love their children intensely. I have been in their homes and feel the spirit that resides there because of their love.
I had some opportunity to visit post in the last two days. On one day we went to a company picnic and yesterday we went to the commissary. I had to have a pass to set foot on post and my passport was required. The army has been in this town since WWII. It is what keeps the town afloat financially. If and when they pull out, the town will have no industry or income. So the Germans have a love, hate relationship with the soldiers. Army barracks surround the hill above town.
The Daddy is enroute for two weeks of R and R. He will get to see his new baby and be with all his children during that time. We here at home are excited and pray for him fervently.
My trip is half over and my jet lag is finally worn off. I wake up excited to see the sun come over the hills knowing that at home you are all just going to sleep. Goodnight!

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