Friday, June 3, 2011

Last Day of Early Morning Guests

Today we had our last Friday Breakfast and our last seminary day. My kitchen table has been our study spot for most of this year. I can say that my dishes have been done every morning thanks to their attendance. Scriptures out and quiet waiting for their arrival.
It warmed my heart to see them searching and their insights became more and more thoughtful as the year progressed.
I have a testimony about how much God loves these three students. He blessed me with ideas and extra knowledge not for my sake but for theirs. Mighty prayer on my part happened more often when the subject was about how to serve them.

My senior will be sorely missed next year. I have come to love. trust. and admire her. She is an example of diligence and preparation. She made us try harder to be little more like her.
Nolan has grown into a thoughtful, young man. He has always been so easy to talk to; he is good with people of all ages. I look to him to be our leader next year.
Geno has been patient with the demands of seminary. He puts up with lack of sleep, his sister correcting him, and my questions that don't have obvious answers. He will teach Henry the ropes next year.
And thank-you parents for the pancakes and french toast throughout the year.
Seminary has blessed my life!

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