Friday, July 22, 2011

My Beauties

    I don't have much of a yard to talk about, or a garden to admire, but this year I have a few beauties to share. These beauties are alive today because the deer have not found them. I do not have a deer family wandering through this summer. 
   The strawberry patch, planted by Vanessa years ago, made it without losing to the deer. We have picked many bowlfuls. 

This is S.'s shirt filled with the summer delights.

Another garden feature is my rose bush, just outside my back door. It usually gets pruned by friendly deer but not this year.
You should smell this rose! It has a citrus fragrance which is heavenly to the nose.

And a purchase from my grocery store has given me weeks of enjoyment,

I was asked to lend this to an outside event. I did not charge rent but I missed it while it was gone.
Lastly, I picked up this beauty to neighbor the hanging basket. 
Pretty good basket, eh?

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