Thursday, September 15, 2011

Early Morning Guests- Old Testament

   A new year has begun for my seminary students. This is my seventh year teaching religion to high school students who come at zero hour to my home. My Junior is now a Senior, and the Freshman a Sophomore, and we welcomed two new Freshmen into our Old Testament class.
  The first week is always a training week. They train me how to respond to them, how to protect their egos, and how to let them tease and laugh together. I TRY to train them how to talk about a meaningful verse in the scriptures, how to answer when the silence gets heavy, and how much silliness is to much.
  Today we explored the meaning of symbols. I borrowed a few objects from my weapons expert and we searched for meanings to the symbols of swords and shields.

  With sword of truth and the shield of faith I will get up every weekday and invite the Holy Ghost to teach and fortify them in the battle of life. Hopefully I can stay out of the way so that they hear his voice.

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