Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Splutterbucket.

   It has been four months since I heard your giggle and today you are two years old. I was there that day in Auburn, Washington, when you emerged as our X-Man. You were so sweet and we all loved cuddling you.

 Your sunny smile is as bright as any summer day. I love how you say "a huh" when I asked you a question. It seemed so agreeable but I know you can't possibly be agreeable all the time.You did not remember me when I came to visit but you did not hold back, you welcomed me immediately. Thank-you for that , sweet boy.
  I liked coming to get you in the morning. Your little arms would reach out to me and I could scoop you up and take you with me to start the day. I can still see you in your car seat, watching with anticipation to see where we would go.
  You had this disarmimg way of backing up into my lap and waiting to be embraced. I think about all these things and hope you have a wonderful day.

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