Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Teacher Son

Today is the birthday of my third child. Hooray for No.3. It is a difficult position in birth order but this man  stands out with his tenacity and intelligence. He came with that, even his birth was intense and quick.

Now he is a grown man, faithful husband, and loving father.
   When you are born in the middle you have siblings moving ahead and middle children try things they may be too young to actually accomplish, like the day we gave hot cycles to the older kids.
  There he was, outside, trying to ride when his feet did not touch the pedals. When he couldn't ride his brother's he just borrowed a neighbor's, until he was stopped by a neighborhood gang. They were four year olds and they wanted him to leave their bikes alone. I saved him time and time again.
  I have learned much from this man and most admire his kindness and love of learning. I look back fondly on the two decades we lived together.

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