Monday, November 14, 2011

Colors I Love

While in Phoenix I reacquainted myself with the music of Kira Willey. The Pandora station which Emmaline listens to often plays her music. 
    I love her colors song and listening to it made me think of the colors I love best. My top three right now are spring green, Robin's egg blue, and beige. It boggles my mind to think that color only exists as light rays. I don't really understand it but I am grateful for the rainbow of colors around me all the time.
  Here are some photos my I-Phone captured which are special to me because of light and color.
  This is my Hydrangea bush right outside my door. I love these blues and purples together.

  These trees are down my road. What a spectacular sight these oranges and reds make together.
  This was a small lily pond in the butterfly house at the Phoenix Botanical gardens. There is a butterfly right by the pink flower.
  My granddaughter in her tutu and leg warmers in the light. I am so appreciative of my eyes and the ability to see the glorious world around me.

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