Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Belated Thanksgiving

    The dishes are done, the food tucked or given away and dinner for twelve is a memory. I really had a nice Thanksgiving. It all started the evening before when the evening light changed into that rosy glow that happens a few times a year. I had to go out and walk in it and feel the light as well as see. it. The rain was in recess after a 24 hour onslaught and I enjoyed the crispness of the breeze.
    I can't catch the full impact with my i-phone but this is 1/2 hour before dark and the sky is overcast except for this ethereal western light.
    The light is cast with all the warm tones of the palette. While walking I met Julia, a distant neighbor, who was outdoors for the same reason, to see the light.
     My little home with lights on in the window but a warmer glow from outdoors. I wonder if Paris has this kind of light?
   This Thanksgiving we had The Knitting Queen and her boyfriend, with his two brothers. joining us for dinner in the afternoon. Together the two if them came early in the morning to make pies and stayed all day helping with the fixings. In between kitchen preparations we knitted, of course, and listened to music.
   The Music Man and family joined us promptly at 5:00pm and all twelve of us gathered for prayer. I was grateful for the abundance of good cheer and happy hearts.
   I was so grateful to see my daughter-in-law with a happier face. She has endured much pain and hardship with a physical illness.
    Steve's brothers were cheerful and content, and watched the entire Walton's Christmas with the kids.

I had wished for a Magic Show but Shea declined. The Music Man stepped in to do some amazing tricks with disappearing scarves and coins. 
I could not have asked for more and I am so grateful for my life. The cherry on the top was Grandpa Burgess calling to say hello. He is almost 92 years old and still gets excited when I say "Hi, Dad".

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