Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mister Shea

  Today was a magical kind of day for me as we spent some time together on your birthday. You are eight years old and where did the time go? Eight years ago we were waiting for you to come and you were reluctant to make an entrance.
  Crowds are not your thing but we love when you make an appearance. You are a snake-wrangler, sharp-shooter, Harry Potter impersonator and now we might add magician to the list. With your new Magician's kit you can try out your skills in making things disappear.
                                        Here is your magician's magic bag, empty clear through.
                                   Now you put in the scarves and we see the last one go in.
                                                                  The bag is now full.
                                     Abracadabra! What? The scarves disappeared. Is this magic?
                                                           Shea, the magician, happy birthday.

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