Saturday, December 31, 2011

Back On The Floor Again Is One Year Old

    Happy Birthday Blog! Not only did I meet my goal of writing every day for one month but I carried through all of 2011. My thoughts on that Saturday, January 1, 2011, were this; 

    "This is a new year and some new projects will make this year a little different. Blogging could help to bring together some of my thoughts and desires. My blog title "Back on the Floor Again" comes from several observations in my life. The first being that I often have to rethink my view of life, of people, of myself and what motivates me. Therefore, I feel I am back to the beginning or back to level one. The floor is not such a bad place. It is cooler down there and as we know hot air rises. There is also less chance of falling since you are already grounded. I have been doing Yoga for the last five years. The main reason being that my Music and Movement Classes which I teach require that I get off the floor before the toddlers do. I realized that the floor is a precarious place when your joints are stiff so I started Yoga here on my Island. It has been a blessing and I fully appreciate the floor even more. So, Happy New Year and hopefully I will log in often to give my view from down here."

   Writing this blog has served to connect my thinking to my actions. I have pondered what I am doing and why I am doing it. In my younger years I started countless projects and my energy failed to bring them to fruition. But these false starts had value. I learned what I really loved doing and now I have a greater capacity to finish my projects because I like the process and not just the idea.
   Two beloved people in my life have made the comment that I seem to get so much done and they asked how I have the time to do it all. Since two people have mentioned this I have cause to reflect on the answer. First of all, I must confess, I waste a lot of time. But I know what I love to do and those are the things I commit to do. There are a few "big ideas" that run my life. It is the constant reflection upon these ideas that push my thoughts to action.

1)The Holy Ghost is my teacher in all facets of life

2)Being in the moment helps you see and feel what is really going on

3)There must be review, analyisis, and connection of your actions and responses

4)Writing helps open the door to understanding

5)If there is no joy in the day to day life then time passes unappreciated

   I plan to continue blogging and it matters very little if anyone reads what I write, oops, okay, it matters a little. There are some plans in the works to try new things on the ground level. I am scheduled to go into a studio and record some original children's songs with my teaching partner Kim. I will be meeting a new grand baby soon. That is all I can say for now, but I will be back on the floor again for many days to come.

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