Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day

    When Christmas Day is on a Sunday we have the opportunity to tune our hearts to Jesus Christ in a special way. I like taking the sacrament on the day we celebrate his birth. Elder Rollo's talk was in tune with what I had been reading in the Book of Mormon that morning. Learning to speak the tongue of angels is a gift of the Holy Ghost. Angels speak the words of Christ, they speak about Him, and testify of Him. That is the main reason we read the scriptures every day, to hear his words and the words of others who are under the influence of the Holy Ghost and share the good news. After Elder Rollo, Bro. Edwards spoke the words of Luke 2. He did not read them, he spoke them as an angel would, who was declaring the message of salvation.

     The rest of the day was spent with family. Video chatting around the world is common practice now as our family is spread around the world. The Mama Daughter was just finishing her day in Germany, while the Teacher Son and family video called after dinner. The Analyst Son and his family came to Christmas dinner and participated in the afternoon chatting.

                   Another round of giving opened many new avenues of playing and exploring.

     At the end of the day we traveled over to the Music man's house to visit and get the cousin's together.
The cousin's relationship changes as they get older and find they have things in common with different members of the family. The little girls had some nice interchanges as they shared a pot of tea.

    My Piano Guy asked what was best about this Christmas and I had to say it was watching the children, puzzling with The Knitting Queen, and having long days to relax.

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