Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve Highlights

Christmas Eve was celebrated at the Music Man's home. Ham, mashed potatoes, green salad, fruit salad, brownies and lemon squares graced the table. The gifts were the highlight, as usual, though we did try to play a Christmas trivia game with my new Eggspert toy

 Estelle and Jasmine joined the party and added to the fun. All the Burgess kids received long johns and the girls matched. I don't really know if the Moonbeam noticed but she was patient as I dressed her.
   The Knitting Queen came with her Knight and she was delighted with her new slippers, which she specifically asked for. I have been known to go astray with instructions and invent my own versions of gift requests, but really I want to please. Really, I do. The Music Man gave me an Angry Bird stuffed toy and pointed out to me that I was playing Angry Birds before it was a mega hit. I have the benefit of talking to teenagers almost every day as they are my Early Morning Guests. They keep me apprised of the most exciting games.
     My husband received a pig stuffed toy so that my Angry Bird has an outlet to vent her outrage at those thieving pigs.

    It is most enjoyable to see my grandchildren open presents and respond with delight, or disappointment, or even confusion. What is this?
My toy for the Moonbeam was a pink tea set which I also sent to Emmaline. They have both found it enchanting as it sings and pours to bubbling tea sounds. I gave all the grands, over three, sticker books with a gizillion stickers. I hope they don't end up on their walls at home. It could be very tempting. The Piano Guy and I went home early enough to get sleep before the Sunday morning events.

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