Saturday, December 24, 2011

An Eve Before the Eve Visit

    The Knitting Queen and her Knight were hanging about last night on the eve before "The Eve" and who should come along the driveway outside? He did  not have his pack and his sleigh had four wheels but his jolly "ho, ho" was unmistakable. He wrapped upon the door and stepped in with a flourish.
   "Are your grandchildren still here?", he asked.
    Alas we had taken them across the many waters just hours before. He was visibly disappointed and told us of his many visits to events hither and yon.
   "I'm sorry to have missed them". We were to, as we envisioned our Spider Boy meeting this super hero face to face.

   "But, while I am here, what would you like for Christmas?", he asked the Knitting Queen. She asked for red convertible which, he said, was very impractical around here. He also revealed that the elves had a hard time making those big enough.

All I wished for was many more years in this house we call "home" and good health to the jolly man who owns it.

                                             Merry Christmas to you and to all a good night!!!!!!!

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