Friday, December 9, 2011

A Few Moments of Luxury

   Christmas time can be exhausting if your life is already full and on top of that you add extra activities. However, there are some things I like to do this time of year and it makes me happy to do them, if only for a short spell.
    I do like to jigsaw puzzles, but only certain kinds. My favorite are the Ravensburger large format 300 piece. This I can do here and there and finish in a few days.
   I did this one last week and it was a joy to work on. There is somethings intriguing about the way you have to "see" to do the puzzle. I find the mental work of rotating the puzzle piece in my head very relaxing. When I have had enough I can tell because I stop being able to "see". The next day the colors and shapes look different and reveal themselves.
   I don't really do much crafting but this idea caught my interest. It is made from sheet music and adds a little music decor to my house.

So, to bright days and warm nights, bring on Christmas.

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