Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Puzzeling Christmas

Getting a great gift at Christmas is always fun. I did score some wonderful gifts this season. The Mama Daughter sent an early gift which at first seemed way too hard but ended up being really fun. This was a 1000 piece puzzle of a fantasy German town. Normally, I don't do anything over 500 pieces because it eats up my table space for too long. But thanks to the Knitting Queen I had a puzzle keeper which allowed me to roll it up and put it away.  

    There progress was slow and steady. Each house had windows with people hanging out an so each piece was unique, except for the sky.

The day after Christmas I had just the sky left to do.

Dah Da! What a scene.

    My other children should not be slighted, as they had wonderful gift ideas, as well. How about the Music Man's thoughtful reminder of our favorite app?
   The Knitting Queen indulged my love of light and gifted me this candle holder which throws lovely light on my quiet home.
   There are gifts to anticipate as the Analyst Son gave us an Amazon gift card and the Teacher Son has some personalized coasters coming in the mail. I am satisfied. Oh, one more gift I loved. I gave it to my husband, the Piano Guy, so I could watch it with him.
   Ann Madsen is a role model to me. I love her quiet, thoughtful presentation of her vast scriptural knowledge. She will guide my coming foray into Isaiah with my students.

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