Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sawbones Christmas Party

    Mid-December brings the annual Sawbones Christmas Party. I can tell if the holiday tra-la-la is getting to me by how much I enjoy this event. This year I felt at peace and truly grateful for a good company and a diligent husband.

    Sawbones hosts a lunch and the families are invited. The lunchroom was beautifully decorated and the feeling was festive. My grandkids look forward to this day because lunch is plentiful and the deserts are endless.

I like watching all the employees come in tired and revive with the filling eats. This year Miss Maggie brought her math because she did not get get her school work done. No math completion no eat....tough love...

    Like I said at the beginning, my own attitude makes or breaks this event and I am so glad I felt festive and happy to be with my family and the good people my husband works with.

All the employees appreciate the personally distributed bonus checks and the raffle for local gift certificates. We all wait till the bitter end to see if we are going to be lucky this year. Little Moonbeam got bored and decided to play her own game of hide-n-seek under the banquet tables.

Merry Christmas!!

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