Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sometimes You Must Suck It Up

    I am always looking for games that inspire total focus on the 25 mastery scriptures and sometimes we have to play "Suck It Up".
                        The outcome from playing this game is to be submerged in the scriptures.

   The incentive to jumping into the scriptures with both feet is that your teammate is moving M&M's from the "house" bowl into his own bowl for future consumption.

The hazard is that light-headedness occurs if one does not exhale often enough. This is a big hit and I am impressed that we are chasing with all 25 scriptures and someone always knows where the next scripture is found.

   These pictures do not show the smiles which occur every few seconds as the "sucker" is stopped because the rest of the group has found the verse.

   The "house" did end up with a few M&M's at the end and seminary students were happy one and all.

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