Monday, January 16, 2012

Snow is Here

   Oh, my gosh, we finally have a bit of snow again. And, it looks like there will be more to come. I have a love hate relationship to snow. If snow is forecast during the night I wake up and have to go look. I love the stillness, the light it reflects, the crispness of the air; I hate the kink in travel plans, the schedules it wrecks, and my fear of crashing my car. Have I ever crashed in a car because of snow? I have been real close 3-4 times and I still feel the knuckle grip on the steering wheel.

    I must confess, I went out in the dark with my coat over my jammies and shot some pictures. Losing my footing on the driveway, I hit the deck. Ouch! That smarts, especially on the palms.

  I am enamored with night time pictures around my town. I love the light that the dark defines and the lines and angles the dark reveals. See more here.

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