Friday, February 3, 2012

A Temple in Suburbia

     Sometimes, not often enough, I go to the city and visit a sanctuary we call a Temple of God. It is made of stone, glass and steel but it is also made of commitment and devotion. I go to worship a God who is just and true. Within it's walls I find peace and connectedness. Not just for myself, but I go to bring peace and connectedness to others.

    There is much to learn about my God from being outside the temple walls. Notice how the lines of the building move the eye upward. To ascend to Him is his desire and his glory.

     An angel in golden attire stands upon the highest pinnacle blowing a trump to announce to the world that God has restored the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That the veil has been opened to allow all God's children to sanctify themselves and come to Him.

       This sanctification comes through the living water offered by Jesus Christ. It is his life and mission which is exemplified inside and outside the walls. Not unlike temples of old, God teaches through pattern and symbols in his holy house.

     The family is front and center in the purpose of the temple. We come to unite husband and wife and to seal families forever.

    As buds on a much beloved tree I learn to embrace the divinity in myself and see it in all of humanity.

       This life is the spring of an eternal life and I yearn to understand the life that God lives.

      He teaches me line by line and precept upon precept how I can be made whole and wholly His.

       I go to the temple to find my Savior and in the process I learn about who I really am.

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