Saturday, February 25, 2012

Two New Things

     I love receiving gifts which I don't know I want and today I want to celebrate two new things, the first being ever so much more important than the second, but fun nevertheless.
   Number 1; the little girl I waited for in Phoenix has arrived on her birthday.

 I am so pleased to know she is here and well. Anna Gabriele is 9 lbs. 5 ounces and has joined the Teacher Son Family with little Emmaline as her big sister.

     Number 2; while I was away I received a new door. I didn't know I needed one but I really like it.

     I think a new door opens on the day of your birth which brings you into a mortal world unlike you have experienced before. It is a wonderful and awesome existence. When I see this new door I will think to be grateful for my time on earth, whether it makes me sad, frustrated, or unbelievably joyous. When one door closes another opens up. That is sappy, isn't it?

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