Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What Is In A Name?

    Imagine my surprise when my son texted me with the name of his new daughter.; Anna Gabriele.

That looks lovely and sounds nice, and it happens to be my name. It is reversed from my name, actually, mine being Gabriele Johanna. I have a lovely granddaughter, Amazing Grace, who carries my name as her middle name, as well, and we laugh together about how fun it is to share a name.
   Has it been an easy name to carry? Not always because my mother's pronunciation of it was German and it had so many vowel sounds in it that it was hard to say in English: Gaw-bree-ay-le was correct. At the time I was a teenager, a famous football player, Roman Gabriel, was getting news coverage and so I stopped correcting people. I explained that I had the feminine version of that name and that I was really named after an angel.
   My daughter-in-law, the one with the new baby who shares my name, was visiting some Christmases ago and made me a lovely sign for my refrigerator. I see it every day and hope that I can live up to the kind sentiments. Now she can hope that her daughter becomes all those things, as well.

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