Friday, February 17, 2012

A Yoga Evening

   My sister friends made me so happy by receiving kindly my desire to share my love of yoga. I am not a certified teacher, I'm not pretending to be one, but, I love teaching people about what yoga has to offer our bodies and minds. I hope I communicated that every body can do yoga, no matter how small or large. I am a curvy yogini and sometimes I wish I could do a pose better but I have come such a long way.

    There was a special moment last night when, with our eyes closed, we finished the breathing portion of the class and I asked everyone to open their eyes. There before me were these wonderful women with
kindness and generosity shining from their eyes.

  Thanks for sharing yourself. I wish I had snapped more pictures but I  felt intrusive with my camera in people's faces. I am looking forward to more yoga experiences in the future.

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