Thursday, March 1, 2012

About Bumblebees and Crows

Happy March!

There are some things that I don't know that I can't do and telling me will just mess me up, so shh.......

     I still am a young crow at many things and need to follow the old crows who have mastered the skills
I want to learn. I have learned that if I hang around enough old crows I start thinking I can do it, too.

The Crows

 The old crow is getting slow.
 The young crow is not.
 Of what the young crow does not know
 The old crow knows a lot.
 At knowing things the old crow
 Is still the young crow's master. 

 What does the slow old crow not know?
 --How to go faster.
 The young crow flies above, below,
 And rings around the slow old crow.
 What does the fast young crow not know?
 --Where to go.

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  1. wow....awesome, gabriel! i'm totally flattered! that little saying about the bumblebees has always been one of my favorites and an inspiration to me when i wonder how....i just need to trust. great blog're my idol. i need to do this, but have prolonged it....waiting for just the right time. maybe soon. i'll call you to let you know if i actually succeed!


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