Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bringing In Spring

 During the winter months some things go fallow in my life. I stop cultivating my desire to walk outside, to explore in the woods and to throw open the windows. Everything goes inward during the winter months. But, I see change emerging and I want to bring Spring, in.

    Physically, I gathered up some of my early variety Rhododendron blossoms and put them front and center in the kitchen. To add more pizazz to my table I switched my off-white tablecloth for a more lively topping. Where did I get those cute dots? Well, the idea came to me when I was wrapping a gift for my granddaughter. You see, that is wrapping paper on my table. What? Not practical? It is if you have a sheet of plexi-glass on top, which we have to protect the light wood underneath.

   I can leave the table bare without freaking out about spills, or I can put different designs under the plastic for some variation.

    So that brings in spring physically, but, spiritually what can I do to bring in a new lightness in my life. I feel the need to put off the crash after work. When my piano students leave I tend to crash on the couch and watch TV. I noticed this week after work I just meditated a few moments. I recalled what happened and counted up the many nice events which made me feel good. Then, slowly, I started dinner and kept that mindful attitude. Tomorrow daylight savings messes up our inner clock but I intend to use that extra hour of daylight to avoid the TV. Bringing in Spring means lightening my view.  

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