Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The French Period

    I am on a French binge lately and I may be on a German one soon.  I have never been to France and the nearest I have come is Germany but I think my reading a favorite blog called Design Mom has piqued my interest. Gabrielle and I share a first name, we both have children, she loves photography, and she loves to read. The fact that she loves fashion, is a designer, by trade, and lives in France, makes us different but I think I may be a wannabe of all those things that make us different. I so enjoyed her sharing how they chose a house to rent in France and I like the insights she gives to living there with her large family.
  I am currently reading a book called, "Paris, My Sweet" which is making me mad for trying croissants.

 I have tried all the sources for chocolate croissants in my town, so this morning I ventured farther afield. West Seattle has a French bakery.

   West Seattle is known for many things, but I really love the murals on the sides of many buildings. Look here for some background on the murals, painted by artists from many places.
   Nouveau Bakery, in West Seattle, is a step above what I can find in my town. Believe it or not, it is even a bit less expensive.

   See those Parisian Macaroons on the menu? I had to try some  after seeing pictures everywhere on the interment.

  They have a crunchy outside with a soft and chewy coconut inside. The many colors are flavors of delight from lemon to raspberry.

   A must at every bakery is the chocolate croissant. As the delicate layers of flakiness litter your lap you know you are eating fresh dough, baked in the wee hours of the morning. These were twice baked.

   At the Nouveau Bakery they also sell chocolates in the manner of the french chocolatier. I can't give you a description as yet. I am saving these for a later day. Most of them are dark chocolate, my favorite.

   This has satisfied my interest for the time being and now I need to come back to work on my own turf, knowing I have those chocolates waiting in my drawer.


  1. Those all look so delicious! Thank you for sharing your fun trip. :)


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