Friday, March 23, 2012

Pinterest- My Bulletin Board

   In the stone-age, young women and young mothers made idea files. We set up a system to keep all those projects we intended to make and great talks we'd heard, so that someday we would find them again, quickly. I still have many of those files but I haven't a clue what is in them. Technology has saved the day. Introducing, Pinterest, a virtual bulletin board to save all those great ideas.

    Name a folder and then pin the picture or website on your board. Save your favorite recipes, book titles, sewing projects, and pictures on your site. Anything you find on the internet can be pinned to your board or pin things from your own blog to keep for quick reference..
    My first few boards were all about color. I wanted pictures of various images all in the same color. I had dreamed of making that kind of file from paper images. But Pinterest is so much better. I like looking at color images and seeing. Then I started a board for books to read, seminary games to play, favorite photos I have made myself or seen on the internet., and recipes I have tried. I still have a real bulletin board to put quick visual reminders.

This one was made by my friend, Jen, and I love sliding a favorite memory behind the ribbons. Look at this cute card another Jenny friend made.

    Well, to get back to my point, if you want to see what Pinterest looks like click on my link on the right side of this post. You might want to do some pinning, yourself.

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