Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy Feet

     It is time to talk about feet, not a subject we use in everyday conversation. I have ignored my feet for most of my life but alas they are crying for attention as I wriggle through mid-life. No one taught me about how my feet should work, or else if they did I wasn't listening.
 Here are some things I wish I had been taught:

  1. Your feet connect to the earth and if they are firmly, openly planted they will support your whole being.

   2. Your toes can spread wide and each of them have their own dexterity.

   3. If you cram them into shoes that don't give them room to move they will start working as a block instead of individual toes.
    So, here I am with two broken pinky toes and others that have a hard time relaxing and I have purchased shoes to let each toe be in it's own place. Important truth: THEY CAN BE TAUGHT!

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