Monday, April 16, 2012

Stump or Be Stumped

   It is Monday morning and we are starting into the book of Jeremiah. Spring break is over and the kids will not be ready to just jump into the scriptures. It is a perfect day to play Stump or Be Stumped.

  The Rules: Everyone reads through a block of scriptures, looking for details. When it is your turn you may stump someone with a question based on your reading or you may ask to be stumped. To make it interesting everyone has a small plate of candies to start the game. If you get stumped you must part with a piece of your candy.

    The Outcome: Students read a little bit more carefully looking for questions and answers and then we can discuss with a stronger knowledge base.

     Jeremiah Blocks-
         Jer. 1:6-10, 17-19
               Why did the Lord touch Jeremiah's mouth?
         Jer. 15:15-21
                What kind of impenetrable thing will the Lord make of Jeremiah?
         Jer. 20:7-13
                 Why could Jeremiah not stop speaking about the Lord?
         Jer. 26:12-15,24
                 What will happen if the people put Jeremiah to death?

                         Jeremiah, painted by Michelangelo, pondering his message to the Jews.

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