Monday, May 21, 2012

Stake Seminary Scripture Bowl

   How unique is an event where teenagers come together to share their knowledge of scriptures and have some friendly competition. It happens once a year and we spend the whole year learning 25 scriptures backwards and forwards to facilitate this experience.

 In our Stake we have some stations to play games first. This year we had one room doing Old Testament Jeopardy, one room doing Mastery Matchup, and the third room doing Famous People of the Old Testament. I was very pleased with my three boys who played with enthusiasm and good sportsmanship.

   At the end all the players met in the gym to have a scripture chase with three teams competing. The clues were very different from the ones we used in class so my boys complained a bit but it made them think out of the box.

  My favorite part was seminary choir where we practiced for Seminary graduation. This year we are singing "His Mission", a song I wrote for my students this Old Testament year. What a joy for me to hear these youth singing together about leaving Babylon and submitting to the spirit to be taken to higher ground. You might like to view the tune and words here.

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