Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ten Pounds of Flour and Five Pounds of Sugar

   I reached another milestone today. It was so strange in Yoga class as I sat in a different body from six weeks ago.

   This is really big for me because I am entering a body weight I have not seen since 1998. Here are some things that are amazingly wonderful and those that are scary.

Amazingly Wonderful:
  1. I have a new wardrobe of clothes from the back of the closet.
  2. My knees are getting smaller as the inflammation goes down.
  3. I weigh less than my husband
  4. My green jacket, which I love, zips shut and moves across my hips.
  5. I can go to a Pilates class and jump on my mini-tramp for 30 minutes in one day and not be dead.
  6. I sleep much better.

A Little Scary:
  1. I feel cold more often
  2. I miss salty snacks.
  3. My pants are getting too big and I need to save for a clothes budget.
  4. People look at me and I feel a little self conscious.

  My truly best friends are my calorie counting app on my phone and my mini tramp. I am ordering a new one with more spring. Soon I will jumping so high that I will hit my ceiling. I should put that on my "A Little Scary" list.
   The cheaper one, of course.

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  1. You look fabulous!! I love that we are doing this together. You give me strength to keep going! You look beautiful AND younger!! You can go to Luna Bella and get wonderful "new" clothes that fit your new body!
    Much Love!


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