Sunday, June 3, 2012

Last Day of Seminary

    On the last day of Seminary we congregated at our Senior's home for breakfast. There is nothing like food to wake up a sleepy teenager. The bacon was sizzling' when I arrived which meant the Prez was there cooking' up the meat.

   I have mixed emotions on the last day, relief and regret. Regret, used in the archaic definition which means, feeling sorrow for the lack or absence of a pleasant thing, and relief because the ever pressing need to prepare is lifted off my shoulders. It is very likely that I will be teaching again next year and with that future eventuality I will be digging into the New Testament to first find a global perspective on the birth of Christianity and then a very specific theme to claim as our yearly focus.

                                    Goodbye to our senior, who has grown into a fine man. I will miss his easy smile and his thoughtful answers to the harder questions.

   To our Junior next year I ask that he continue to keep the bar high so that our scripture mastery goes to new heights, both in knowledge and memorization.

   To our Sophomore girl, who we need and cherish, who has so many great realistic insights, I promise to keep giving new ways to get those mastery scriptures under her black belt.

   We need our sophomore boy to continue to be generous in answering questions even when he has answered the previous ones. I am grateful for his wise view on the scriptures.

     I look forward to exploring the life of someone truly worth learning about and emulating in the New Testament next year.

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  1. Found you via pinterest from your great ideas! Thank you!!! Last year with the OT we talked a lot about heroes as a theme -- it came to me during summer prep. This year I am away from home and will wait until home to do a lot of my prep, but from Matthew 1:23 I like the note that Emmanuel means "God is with us." That may be a theme of the year. Also thinking of prophecies fulfilled as a theme -- I love the idea of bringing that out, having just studied the Old Testament (I will not have freshmen) and because it is ALL about the Savior.


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