Friday, June 15, 2012

Sharing My Work With Grandchildren

    When I chose to teach music twenty years ago I did not think very much about how my work would affect my posterity. My desire to teach came from what I could do and what could bring in an income. Now, these many years later, I see my grandchildren growing up with music and appreciate the opportunity they have of being in my music and movement classes and taking piano lessons from their Grandma. All the ones close by have come to Swingset Music in their toddler and pre-school years. Just yesterday I finished another semester with my little Moonbeam. She and I head off to set up class every Thursday morning. She has blossomed this semester as she started singing aloud in class. I love that time when our two-year olds become comfortable enough to sing out.

     To be in a class of toddlers who love to dance and sing is like being two all over again, free to be whatever comes to mind.

   Thank-you Moonbeam for being my work partner, once again. I hope we get to do it again in the Fall.

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