Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Zoo School

   "Get Outside, Get Outside", we shouted together in the audience at the Point Defiance Zoo. We were part of the Outdoor Adventure show and the theme was outside play.

   Our zoo adventures always start right at the gate where the peacocks strut and fascinate. I would strut if I had coloring like that! This is our fourth trip since the beginning of May and I am enjoying having a membership very much. Yesterday started out cold and rainy but as we entered the zoo the clouds parted and we had a beautiful morning. I am surprised to find a few new things every visit. We went into Budgie World and played amidst the birds. One landed on Olea's head and she couldn't understand why we were laughing so loud.

   My personal favorite treat was the tiger, again. He is much more animated on a cooler day.
   Sumatran Tigers-

"Tigers are generally solitary animals. Both male and female tigers map out their own territory by spraying urine on trees, bushes, and the ground. The specific range size of the Sumatran tiger is not known, however the population density is approximately 4-5 adult tigers per 40 square miles in lowland rainforest. 

Tigers are not very active most of the time. They sleep about 18-20 hours a day. Sumatran tigers are also a cat that enjoys the water and will swim to cool down in the hot jungle."

   What an awesome creature he is and what a showman. He had us enthralled and entranced.
                                    Just like these guys, the tigers make me smile.

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