Friday, July 20, 2012

Morning Rain

   When I was little I was afraid of thunderstorms and there were many in the hot, humid summer months. With a flash of lightning I would bolt under a table or my bedcovers. My father taught me that if I could slowly count to ten the storm was too far away to strike our house.

    This morning at 6am I knew a bike ride would be too wet. Wow! The lightning was close and knocked out the power for a few minutes. On my morning run, to drop off the worker bees in my house I marveled at the light.

                                 In this early morning, day struggled to overcome the night.

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  1. Day does struggle to overcome the night always...even metaphorically speaking ;)

    I have always loved the rain...thunder and lightening not so much...and we have a lot of all three here in Florida during July ;)

    As always thanks for your wonderful comments over at my place ;)


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