Thursday, August 23, 2012

Home in Houston

     Arriving in the Houston area I noticed the green foliage growing thicker and taller trees alongside the highway. The geography was changing in this part of Texas.

  We stopped along the road in a little town called Fairfield and visited a little Country Store called Cooper's. Peaches, pecans, and pies called my name and I answered willingly. The southern hospitality made me glad to leave some cash behind and bring some goodies to Grandpa's house.

                     Grandpa lives in a beautiful neighborhood with his grandson and wife. 

He knew who we were and was glad to see us after these many years. Annette's family take care of him and he seems to be content in this arrangement.

   Most of our visiting today is about family stories. Grandpa needs and loves to talk.

  This morning I went for a walk around the neighborhood before 8am. The moisture settled on my skin and I understand the challenge of hot weather and 80% humidity. The neighbor next door has some odd mushrooms on the lawn.

 Shaped like a cone, the light color made these stand out from the thick, rough grass. There are so many interesting grasses on the lawns in the states I have visited.

 More Crepe Myrtle trees in front of stately homes and I noticed some palm trees, which will become ever present as we head to the desert in Arizona.

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