Thursday, October 18, 2012

Autumn At The Beach

I went to deliver a little plant to my friend and she wasn't home. What to do?
Lucky for me there is a beach just a few steps away. (Okay, maybe a block?)

   Autumn on the beach looks much the same as other seasons, except for the foliage along the shore. I like to get up close and really see.

   The driftwood was crazy interesting. I found several letters of the alphabet. Do you see the D?

             I almost stepped on this guy, lurking in the debris. You must walk softly on the beach.

Driftwood always gets my imagination going. Where did these nails originate? On a ship or on a dock?

Driftwood also becomes the home to colonies of plants, who make a new ecosystem within the crevasses.

   I'm so glad for a few stolen moments to check things out around my Island. I forget some times that I am surrounded by the sea.


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