Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Gnoming We Will Go

For many years I invited My Early Morning Guests to go on a field trip with me. I wanted to visit other seminaries on the main land. "It's too early." "We won't get back for school." Excuses, excuses; they would not budge. However, yesterday, on the last day of May, we set out for a silent walk.

    Only the animals heard us coming. We were on a mission to give some overworked garden gnomes a three day weekend. My beloved German neighbor has such a lovely garden but really, she does expect a lot of from her work force.

                    In the spirit of the French, we wanted a respite for her small bearded characters. The garden was freshly kissed with dew. We scoped out the places we would find the gnomes.

      Knowing my neighbor would suspect the identity of the liberationists we offered a peace token, the useful and dandy, garden ducks.

                     Just for the weekend they could offer some slug control and friendly chatter.

     You just can't imagine the joy we saw on the gnome faces when we gathered them all and made a bee line for home.

     A weekend of leisure to read a good book and have a smoke, hmm…we might have to work on that bad habit.

                           I could not help but marvel how perfect they looked in their natural habitat.

    I could tell that there would be hiking and exploring for the more physical in the group. And there was Herbert, a book tucked under his arm in case the forest got boring.

       Little Friedrich was going to have a problem. He isn't one to relax. That wheelbarrow was still going to be busy, I'm sure.

   On Monday we will take them back and restore order to the garden, but just now, I delight in the glee of what is in the forest, free at last.

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