Thursday, June 13, 2013

Seventeen Magazine Photo Shoot

     When I was fifteen I bought a little camera and talked someone into doing a photo shoot of me in the best model poses I could think of. It must have been a friend because I would have been too embarrassed to have a family member take them. That might be called vanity.  My husband found these pictures in the attic last week and showed them around to the grandkids to prove that Grandma was a teenager once. It dawned on me that there is history in the background of each of these pictures. This one shows 900 East and 4600 South in SLC and look how barren it is behind me. You can actually see the mountain from the road. Now there are condos in every direction.

Here I am sitting on the little couch my father built into the porch just off the sliding doors from the living room. Behind me is the porch swing where everyone sat watching the cars go by on 900 East.

 Looking at this picture brings back the smell of the Russian Olive Trees. They grew around the ditch. I remember how my father lined the ditch with granite slabs.

   The porch had colorful plastic siding on the roof. We had some colored lights along the edges of the roof which made the front patio a party place. Behind me you can see to Murray. No K-Mart, no condos, just open fields to dream about.

This picture displays my father's stone work so well. He lined the outside walls and patio with rock.

More Russian Olive trees and ironically at this time I had never tried olives. They were not found in our German cuisine.

Here is a great view of my house, from below in the yard. It felt so spacious then, set in a rural pasture land.

 And lastly, another look from the porch. How has almost fifty years passed so fast? The young woman was very innocent but she has lived a good life and has had many dreams come true.

                                                          Did you ever want to be a model?

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