Monday, June 10, 2013

To be Bar Mitzvah- Son of the Commandment

I was honored to attend the Bar Mitzvah of my piano student, Sasha, this weekend. It inspired me and brought added commitment to supporting youth around me to step up and act for themselves to find deeper meaning in their lives. As an added plus I was asked to read at the ceremony. What lovely words they chose for his piano teacher.

Music: God's Universal Language

If we can feel that
It is not our voice,
Not our fingers,
But some reality deep inside our heart
Which is expressing itself,
Then we will know that it is
The soul's music.

The outer music
Comes from the outer instrument.
The inner music
Comes from the heart.
 The name of this inner music
Is oneness.

      I saw the joy this family felt as they celebrated their son reaching the age of accountability. He was deemed accountable to bring the words of Torah to the world and become a loving, compassionate person. In my spiritual language he was brought under covenant to God to be his child and God promised that he would be His son.

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