Saturday, July 13, 2013

Guest Blogger- Playing Piano At The Joseph Smith Memorial Building

   Welcome to my first guest blogger Lesa. She writes here about her love of music and the joys in her life.        

    Once a month I have the opportunity to play the piano in the lobby of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in Salt Lake City, Utah. To become a pianist I had to fill out an application and turn it in to a gentleman who is over the lobby pianist. He gave me a call and asked if I would come in and audition for him. I was humbled and excited when Brother Klopfer indicated he would like to give me some opportunities to play in the lobby of the Conference Center and the JSMB. At first I was a substitute pianist. Bro Klopfer would call and ask me if I wanted to fill in for someone who was going to be absent. Eventually, I was given a permanent spot and I've had the opportunity to play once a month on a certain day and time. When I play in the lobby of the JSMB my repertoire includes classical, Broadway, and songs from musicals. As pianist we aren't called to serve in this position; we are just volunteers who give of our time without monetary compensation. The spiritual lessons I have learned by doing this over the last 5 years are worth gold to me.

      Each month as I sit down at the piano, I always wonder what experiences I will have. Last week a group of youth and some leaders came up to the piano. They were on a scavenger hunt that required them to find all kinds of things in the JSMB. As they found the items on their list they had to take a photo of the item. One of the things they had to find was the grand piano in the lobby. They came up to the piano and I stopped playing to visit with them. Over the next hour two more groups came up to the piano. When the last group came up, I asked one of the young men to video me playing the piano as I wanted to have a recording for my children. I have been wanting to do a recording for a long time, but the moment hasn't ever presented itself. The young man agreed and I started playing. At the end of the song I motioned him to come closer so I could talk for a minute on the recording.

Without hesitation I said, "I have the wonderful opportunity to play each month in this building - The Joseph Smith Memorial Building - and it is a great place to be. I have a testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith."

I thanked the group and they went on to finish their scavenger hunt. If I would have had a few more minutes I would have added a few more things.... 

Additionally, I know Joseph Smith was called of God to be the one to be the instrument in the Lord's hands to bring the restored church back to the earth in this last dispensation. I've had the opportunity to go back to the mid-west to see for himself the places he lived and the jail where he was murdered June 27, 1844. Also, we visited the sacred grove in New York where Joseph Smith was visited by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in a vision.
     My testimony of Joseph Smith came as a solid confirmation one day several years ago. I picked up a book about Joseph Smith and I looked at a picture of him and all the years of learning, studying, and hearing about him came together and I just knew in that moment that he is a true prophet of God. I just knew. And I've never doubted since. I know Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God.  

Thank-you. Lesa for your testimony.

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