Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Oh My, Blackberry Pie

     My house is a bit crazy this week. Amongst the usual smattering of piano students I have my grandchildren back on board, meaning living with us, and we have colds. We share all things in such close quarters and that is good, in most instances. On the good side is the blackberry pie that The Teacher Son made with Emmaline. For the next few weeks, blackberries will be available on a branch near you. 

   First you have to pick them. This entails some scratches and if you are unlucky a nice stinging from the nettles.

                             Then comes the mixing and measuring, along with the sampling.

    At last the time comes to cut into the fresh, piping hot pie. Or, if the pie is baked too late in the day it can be enjoyed in the morning. I don't recommend putting the steaming pie in the freezer as someone, who will remain anonymous, attempted.
    And lastly, a bit of grandmotherly advice to parents with young children. Really, bottom line, having children is unmanageable. I use this word manage with the definition; to maintain control of. You can pretend you have control but don't be naive. At best we supervise the process of growing up. A happy supervisor knows how to laugh and cry "uncle" when they have you pinned to the floor.

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  1. aw, that's such a cute post and how lucky to have the fresh pie.


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